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Case Study

Industry: Medical Wholesaler
Department:Sales Team
Improvement:Data Input
Investment: $ 38,800

The company has three sales staff. Their daily work is to meet with the pharmacy person in charge and sell the products. After the sales are completed, the Excel table should be used to record the name and background of the pharmacy, the meeting process, the quantity purchased, and so on.

-Since the excel table is on the company's computer, the salesperson has to return to the company after the work is completed to record, resulting in: often forgetting the record and time is too long, forgetting the sales process.

-Every week, the boss needs to review the sales status to determine the quantity of the goods, which causes the sales staff to spend half a day to sort out the information every week, thus slowing down their sales progress.

-Since three people could not see each other's customer information, the customer was repeatedly promoted, and the price given was different.

After Using OFS Sales system:
-The salesperson can input the pharmacy data and the sales process in the mobile phone immediately after the sale, and save a lot of time for data input, and can focus on the sales.

-The boss can immediately observe the sales situation, the data is accurate and comprehensive, and can make decision in response to market changes.

- After the employee leaves the company, the new members can thoroughly understand the customer's needs and history through the system.

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