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Oneflash Technology

Founded by the R&D Team at Cyberport, Oneflash Technology developed the Website system OFS in 2017 and started the business in the same year to provide web design, online promotion and system development services for Hong Kong enterprises. OFS makes the web design exquisite, stable, SEO, production speed, cost control greatly improved, leading the new standard of the industry.

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For Hong Kong Enterprises

The principles of Oneflash is aimed at the characteristics of Hong Kong people. We will not set up a boring document or manual and no telephone recording hotline. Instead, we will send professionally trained business consultants to take care of each client. Regardless of whether your enquiry is related to our business, you can “Always”, “Instant” to find someone to answer.

Market Positioning

"Top Quality" and "Preferential Price" are the two major principles of Oneflash (for details:Principles), because we are all adopting the strategy of "small profits but quick turnover" in the market positioning.

In the context of web design, comparing the web pages of large companies (such as HSBC, AIA, Wellcome), our coding and layout design is very similar to them, enabling our client to enjoy the same level as large companies at a preferential price.

  • The website technology used is 95% identical to the market leader

  • After comparing the 43 web design agencies in Hong Kong, our price is about 50% lower of the average selling price

  • 100% completed the requirements of each customer in the past, there was no "unfinished" case


The Commitments to our Client

Oneflash would not ignore basics, we have three commitments to our clients.

Stable Network

The stable network is the basics of technology companies, and we spend huge sums of money to rent servers in two of the world's top suppliers (for details, please refer to: Business Partners). To ensure that customers can use our system in a stable and smooth environment.

Data Security

We will protect the security of our client's data, encrypt them during transmission, and install a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, avoid unauthorized access to customer data.

Long-term Relationship

Long-term service is also an important commitment to our customers. We will have a review with our customers regularly to ensure that our webpages and systems address the current needs of our customers and provide the latest information on technology and online commerce.