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Only enterprises use business systems?
Only by using business systems can we become enterprises.

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Operating process consultation

We discuss with you how to best improve your operational processes

We discuss with you how to best improve your operational processes First seek knowledge, then seek change, and then seek improvements. Before designing a system, Oneflash will send a business consultant to visit the customer to understand their needs and operating methods, in order to design the direction or tools required for systemising the process.

Operating process consultation | Oneflash Technology


Select function blocks

Select different functions according to your needs

We use exclusive our OFS to develop business systems, with fixed framework modules and then we add different functions according to your needs.

System Development Select function blocks |Oneflash Technology


System Design

Modify the functional blocks according to your actual requirements

Oneflash knows that every company has different ways of doing business and faces different difficulties, and no single distribution system will be able to fully fulfil the needs of every company. Therefore, we will tailor it for you and re-adjust the contents of the functional section.

System Design |Oneflash Technology

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Tutorial and Follow-up

Ensure that you and your employees are fully aware of how the system works

After completing the system design, Oneflash will not just hand you the instruction manual and leave. We will arrange training for your staff and provide comprehensive follow-up services.

Tutorial and Follow-up | Oneflash Technology


Regular measurement, maintenance and review

Review the effectiveness and strive for perfection

Once the system is in operation, the measurement will begin. Oneflash will review and improve the functions of the system by analysing employees’ usage through the system's records.

Regular measurement, maintenance and review | Oneflash Technology