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The invention of OFS enables SMEs to bear the cost of developing their own systems

Why people like OFS?

What can OFS do for you on the web?

OFS system can be used as a web page CMS, that is, Content Management System. It can link to the readable part of the page (the part the reader sees), and directly changes the text, pictures, colours and other content.

B01 Change the contents of the page

You can change the text, images, colours and other information on the web page through the OFS system. In addition, when inputting text, it also supports voice recognition on the mobile phone, and text can be read instead of manually inputting.

Change the contents of the page| Oneflash Technology

B02 Instant uploading of images

You can use the OFS system to upload images or photos to the webpage anytime, anywhere, and it supports the mobile phone photo and image capture function.

Instant uploading of images | Oneflash Technology

B03 Browsing records analysis

The amount of browsing of web pages is an important indicator of the success of an online business. The OFS system shows detailed browsing records and some useful statistics.

Browsing records analysis |Oneflash Technology

B04 SEO improves ranking in search engines

Most viewers will search for the desired product or service through search engines. The OFS system can improve the ranking of your web pages in search engines and make it easier for customers to find you.

SEO improves ranking in search engines | Oneflash Technology

B05 Translation of multiple languages

This is a function launched in collaboration with Google. The OFS system can automatically translate your web pages into different languages for different countries.

Translation of multiple languages | Oneflash Technology

B06 Online communications function

Customers may have an impulse to buy after reading your web pages. They can talk with a telemarketer about the products, online, in real time, which can greatly improve the purchase rate.

Online communications function |Oneflash Technology

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What kinds of operating systems can OFS develop?

The OFS system can be used to develop business operation systems (BOS), which manage the operational processes and details of the company. It saves manpower and improves efficiency and standards, and is a necessity for large enterprises to do business. (For more information on BOS, please refer to this link.)

C01 Tailor-made

Made entirely according to the needs of your company

Our engineers use the OFS system to tailor the operational system for your business. This system adjusts the functions and settings of the system according to the operational processes, employee work patterns and other characteristics of your company.

C02 Sustainable development

Block structure, allows you to add or change functions at any time

The OFS system is composed of "small programs". You can choose and add just the "section" required according to your needs. For example, you used only the "sales system section" last year. This year, with an increase in the number of employees, you can add the "staff management section".

C03 Cost savings

Computer system is no longer for big company only.

Cost control is the greatest advantage of OFS. Since OFS has greatly reduced our production time and labour costs, Oneflash can provide services at a much lower price than others in the market.

C04 Cloud Technology

Can work at home, in the office, or while travelling

With cloud-based technology becoming more popular and more secure, most companies use online systems to work on, and store, their databases in the cloud.

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Technical Content of OFS

D01 What is the Web App?

Low cost and high efficiency, supports Web, iOS and Android applications.

The web application is divided into a client-to-server architecture or a server-free backend architecture. The client side is the web browser. Common web applications include webmail, online shopping, online auctions, wikis, web forums, blogs, online games, and more. One of the reasons why web applications are popular is because they can be executed directly on various computer platforms without the need to install or periodically update programs. (For more information on Web App, please refer to this Link

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