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Every detail must be done well, because customers put their hard-built brand image in our hands.


High Quality Web Design

First-class design, web speed, stable network

Regarding the appearance of the webpage, Oneflash has a team of experienced designers, who are responsible for screen pictures and text copywriting. When it comes to creating beautiful websites for customers, the quality of Oneflash is absolutely in line with any other group or enterprise. In terms of programming, we have streamlined the length of coding, enabling the web page to operate at a high speed, and stopping visitors getting impatient and leave. In addition, two top technology company servers are used to make the network more secure and to work more smoothly. (For details, please refer to: Business Partners)

High Quality Web Design | Oneflash Technology


Compatible with various screen sizes

One web page, multiple displays (desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet)

One web page, multiple displays (desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet) With the latest H5 technology on the Internet and the responsive design, your web pages change their layout format to match the screens of different electronic devices. Web pages can be displayed perfectly on mobile phones or desktops, making it easier for customers to read the content of web pages.

What is responsive design?

What is responsive design | Oneflash Technology


Easily change web content

With the OFS mobile program, you can change your web content anytime, anywhere

Using the original OFS system, you can freely change text, images, videos and other content of the web page, and upload them to the Internet in real time. The OFS system can be used on traditional desktop computers, and also supports mobile phone applications, allowing customers to access the system on iOS or Android phones, truly achieving the "anytime, anywhere" effect.

OFS System

Backend System | Oneflash Technology


Business consultant one-on-one follow-ups

We will arrange for our professional consultants to provide design suggestions for our guests.

Everyone who chooses Oneflash is a precious customer. We will arrange a business consultant to provide professional online business advice and a one-to-one personal service. With just a phone call, you can get quality, professional advice.


Free Web Demonstration

Want to see how the page looks before deciding to choose Oneflash? No problem!

Oneflash offers tailor-made free web design demonstrations that allow you to experience our services at zero cost and risk. Free services include:
- Web Design (4 pages): Home, About Us, Product Information, and Contact Us

Demo Request

Free Web Demonstration | Oneflash Technology


Several Useful Web Page Functions

Practical online add-ons to improve your web pages
Page views analysis

Tracking visitors' actions on your web page, statistics on web traffic, reading tools and other important information.

Instant Messaging

Customers can communicate with you via the App by telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp and other tools. They can also leave a message for you to contact them when they are available.


Increase your ranking in major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo!).

Translation System

Uses Google Translate technology to automatically translate web pages into many languages, such as English, German, Japanese, etc.

Social Platform Links

Links to company pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms.

Map location system

Display your company's location in Google Maps, supports mobile app, and lets customers find your physical store more easily.

Online Payment Function

Customers can use PayPal to shop, make purchases and pay online, and funds will be transferred to your account via bank transfer.

Preferential Coupon/Voucher System

Customers can obtain e-coupons online or offline and store them on their mobile phones for future use.

Membership System

Set up private account for a viewer, record browsing history, and handle different accounts independently, such as online payments, conversations, etc.

Search System

When viewer makes a search, it will search the web pages for relevant information and display it on OpenRice, Taobao etc.

Reservation System

List the dates, times and places for services you can provide on the Internet, and make an appointment for your customers.

E-mail Subscription System

Send promotional e-mails to subscribers, the content of e-mails, the time of delivery, and the recipients addresses can be changed easily.

RSS News Broadcasting

Regularly publish press releases in XML format. Subscribed readers can update and see them instantly in RSS Reader.

Advertising tools

Analyse users who enter the web page through advertisements, improve the efficiency of advertisements, and find out the IP addresses of malicious users.

Adware Installation

Install Google Adword and other tools to enhance the effectiveness of the web page, and which can generate revenue by selling advertisements on the web page.

Customer Reviews

Why choose Oneflash? They may have different insights.

你地( Oneflash )做得好好,我好滿意你地整既網頁同埋個系統。可以自己改個網,好方便。
負責人 Henry Pun

I cannot but say that the website and system are really excellent !

負責人 鄭女士

負責人 龍小姐

創辦人 Justin Ng

大玩熊香港區總經理 陸先生