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Top Quality.Preferential Price.Into Action

Oneflash places great emphasis on the Principles. Every decision made, including the code when designing a web page, positioning of the price, and the way of propaganda will follow the concept. It can be said that "the top quality. The preferential price. Into Action" is the highest law of us.

Every Decision We Made Must Fulfill Our Philosophy.


Top Quality

Companies website represents their brand image and it must not be sloppy

In Hong Kong market, nearly 72% of the people have the habit of reading products online every day. Therefore, the company's website becomes extremely important, just like the company's signature on the door, representing the brand's image and quality. Our design must catch up with the web technologies of some top companies, we will regularly compare our client's website with the international companies', under certain principles, the two are in coding, Must be no less than 90% identical.

Top Quality | 始訊科技 Oneflash Tech


Preferential Price

Break the law of "you get what you pay for"

After we developed system OFS, we have greatly reduced our development time and manpower costs, so we can use the best price to supply the market.
Take a four-page website as an example. Our price is only $3500. The fee is much lower than the traditional and quality web company and the two-year cost of the Web platform.

Preferential Price | 始訊科技 Oneflash Technology


Into Action

What the clients need is not a slogan

"Verbal is always good", this is a satirical saying about the market. Every company will claim that its production is cheap and good, but only a few companies can deliver their promise.

So, we put "implementation" on the top three business policies. To ensure the "top quality" and "price concessions", we will conduct market surveys and adjust our code and price regularly.

Into Action | 始訊科技 Oneflash Tech