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Our advantage is the leading technology, using the OFS system developed by the Cyberport R&D team to build high-quality, price-effective web pages and systems for customers, and establish a higher-profit and long-term online business.

"We developed the OFS system, which greatly improved the Appearance, Stability, SEO, Production speed and Cost control of the website."

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We only focus on providing professional services in the following three areas:

Website Design
Provide website design services and CMS. Users can edit the website by themselves
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Online Promotion
Provide Advertising service on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube and the high-traffic platforms
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System Development
Develop the operation system to improve work efficiency for each tailor-made needs.
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Are you afraid of getting a poor website design after you pay?

There are a small number of bad peers on the market. After receiving the first payment, the designed web pages are not up to standard. The design is far from the previous reference works and their promises, which will cause consumers to suffer money and time loss.
Therefore, Oneflash has provided a free website demo, which is designed according to your requirements. Customers are satisfied with our services, otherwise no fees will be charged.

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Comments and Feedbacks

Why do people love to find Oneflash for web design? Look at their reviews and you may find the answer.

寰美教育 創辦人 Roy Ma

Awesome! I am able to edit all the website contents anytime and anywhere thought the mobile app.
Math-Pro 負責人 Neo Cheng

PartyHolic 創辦人 Justin Ng

你地( Oneflash )做得好好,我好滿意你地整既網頁同埋個系統。可以自己改個網,好方便。
港威龍負責人 Henry Pun

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Business Partners

The following are companies that have business cooperation with us.

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